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We Know Roof Repair in Edgemont, SD

Your roof is exposed to a lot as the years go by. Whether it’s the constant sunlight fading materials or the elements, it can take a beating. These things can affect not only your materials, but the underlayment and roof deck. One of the best ways to keep your roof secure is with professional maintenance. While we offer roof replacement, we want to help you avoid that cost. Here are some of the frequent reasons for our services:

  • Poor drainage or clogged gutters
  • Roof fixtures, like the skylight or chimney, are leaking
  • Damaged or missing flashing
  • Peeling, cracked, or missing shingles

There are a lot more things to go wrong with your roof. To make sure you’re getting the best, you should always work with a pro like Swett Construction. When you’re ready, give us a call today at 605-890-2668!

Top Roof Repair in Edgemont, SD

It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked with home builders or purchased your home. Every house has a roof and every roof needs to be fixed at some point. Even something small can be hiding a bigger problem underneath, so it’s good to get roof repair in Edgemont, SD. Minor issues can quickly become worse, and that means more expensive repairs. Watch for things like this to know you need our help:

  1. You might not think about the gutters too much when it comes to roofing. However, they can get too heavy with debris or leaves if they’re clogged. When they collapse, they can damage your roof and siding.
  2. Whatever roofing material you choose, nothing lasts forever. When those materials are put to the test of time and the elements, they can crack or fall off as time goes by. Since your roofing depends on the materials to keep water out, we’ll make sure your home is safe and secure.
  3. Flashing is metal strips that seal exposed parts of your roof. It’s usually used near the sides and around things like the skylight or chimney. Unfortunately, any damaged or missing piece can cause leaks. Watch for water stains on the ceiling and walls.
We’ve got the experience you need to know you’re in good hands. Over the years, we’ve used all kinds of products and know what will work the best. Our team at Swett Construction offers a number of services from simple maintenance to roof replacement. When you call us today at 605-890-2668, you can trust us to keep you safe!

Let Us Do Your Roof Repair in Edgemont, SD

Something that’s often put off or overlooked is getting your home a routine inspection. When our experts check your home, we’ll look for any signs of damages. We’ll make sure to note anything that needs repaired, but we’ll also look for things that will need work soon. That way, you can avoid the stress of having to get your roof worked on again anytime soon. We also want to help you put off needing a roof replacement as long as we can.

Our inspection will look at the walls and ceilings, but the outside is the first area to check. If shingles are damaged, they can leave your underlayment exposed. Sheathing can handle some water, since it’s the second layer of defense, but it’s not designed to keep things out for long. If it’s soaked through, your roof deck could be in trouble. Since that’s the wood that holds your roof up, it’s crucial to keep it secure.

Roof repair in Edgemont, SD can prevent mold from growing and rotting your roof deck. Even if the wood isn’t affected, you don’t want to breathe in mold spores that get in your vents. Water in your attic can also attract pests or bugs, which can be gross or much worse. Rats can bring dangerous viruses into your home, so it’s always good to have a professional take care of your roof.

With roof collapse being the worst outcome, our team at Swett Construction can prevent costly situations. We recommend an annual inspection, though older homes should consider one bi-annually. Not only can it keep you safe, but it can help if any insurance claims are needed. To get started with an inspection and estimate, call us today at 605-890-2668!

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Jesse and his crew did a super job replacing the old shingles on my house and garage, upgrading my roof to Class 4 Impact resistant shingles, and installing a roof ridge vent to eliminate the old thru-roof vents. The whole crew was friendly and considerate. Clean-up was fantastic – I only found one roofing nail on the ground after they were done. Five stars for sure!!!

– John R.   Hot Springs, SD

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Jesse was the lowest bid in town and his work was of great quality. He was timely in starting and finishing the project. His attention to detail was excellent. Jessie was also a very personable contractor and his hired man was awesome. They worked hard and finished my project on time.

– Ben Coles