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Looking for a place to call your own? At Swett Construction, we specialize in building custom homes that fit your unique vision. It’s no secret that building a house is a significant investment with many decisions to make along the way, so you can trust our team of experienced contractors to help make your dream a reality.

We are ready to put our years of experience to work for you as your home builders in Hermosa, SD! We offer a wide range of services, including garage building and siding contractors, so you can rest easy knowing that we are ready to tackle building your home, piece by piece.

At Swett Construction, we will work within your budget to recommend the best materials and designs for your new home. Our experts are always prepared to answer any questions you may have about the home-building process.

Whether you’re curious about how long it will take to complete your new home, or you’re wondering why you should build instead of buy, we will take the time to answer your questions so you can be confident in your decision. Don’t put your dream on hold! Call Swett Construction today for your home builders in Hermosa, SD!

Custom Home Builders in Hermosa, SD

Tired of searching for a home that has everything you want? Let us help you build a home that’s tailored to your exact needs and lifestyle!

Building a home is a significant investment, which is why we prioritize guiding you through every step of the process. Our team of trained professionals will work with you to make sure that every decision made is right for you and your future home.

You have the option to choose between a pre-made layout or an original design. While pre-made layouts are tried and true, we understand the appeal of creating something unique to you. If you decide to go with an original design, our home builders in Hermosa, SD will collaborate with you to create a personalized layout that fits your vision.

Budget is an essential factor when it comes to home building. Our team will assist you in creating a list of the must-have elements of your new home to cut down on costs while ensuring that your new home meets your expectations.

We take into consideration many factors when deciding your home’s floor plan, including the time of day. Did you know having the dining and living areas on the south side can maximize natural light? This creates a relaxing atmosphere while also reducing electricity costs, so it’s something to consider when building your home!

We offer a range of quality materials from top manufacturers including:

  1. Concrete
  2. Ceramics
  3. Wood
  4. Mineral wood (insulation)
  5. Foam polystyrene (insulation)
  6. Polyurethane (insulation)


Don’t settle for an ordinary home. Choose Swett Construction for your home builders in Hermosa, SD to create a home that is uniquely yours!

Top Choice For Home Builders in Hermosa, SD

When it comes to building the home you’ve always wanted, you need a team of experienced professionals that understand your vision. Let our team at Swett Construction bring your dream home to life. Here are some of the essential areas that we focus on: Smart

  1. Home Technology: Our team can integrate smart technology systems that allow you to manage everything from lighting to security systems, all from your smartphone. How convenient is that? We can help you design a home that is both efficient and high-tech.
  2. Lighting Design: We understand that lighting can make or break the ambiance of a home. That’s why we work with you to create a lighting design that fits your style and preferences. Whether you want to highlight your artwork or create a cozy atmosphere, our team has got you covered.
  3. Curb Appeal: We believe that the exterior of your home should be just as stunning as the interior. Our team can help you design a home that will stand out in the neighborhood.


Photo of a blue crane and a house under construction from the best home builders in hot springs SD

Building a custom home can be a daunting process, but you don’t have to go it alone! Swett Construction is here as your home builders in Hermosa, SD, and we will guide you every step of the way! Call us and let us help you build the home of your dreams today!

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Jesse and his crew did a super job replacing the old shingles on my house and garage, upgrading my roof to Class 4 Impact resistant shingles, and installing a roof ridge vent to eliminate the old thru-roof vents. The whole crew was friendly and considerate. Clean-up was fantastic – I only found one roofing nail on the ground after they were done. Five stars for sure!!!

– John R.   Hot Springs, SD

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Jesse was the lowest bid in town and his work was of great quality. He was timely in starting and finishing the project. His attention to detail was excellent. Jessie was also a very personable contractor and his hired man was awesome. They worked hard and finished my project on time.

– Ben Coles