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It’s one thing to know someone for your roof replacement, but sometimes you need to start from scratch. Hiring a professional can put you in the best hands and give you confidence in your new home. The good news is that Swett Construction has experience with all of those things! We’ve worked with all kinds of materials and brought custom designs to life. When you’re looking to build a new home, there are some things you might want to consider beforehand:

  • What’s the timeframe on building a house?
  • What are the pros of building over buying?
  • How much is it to build a home?
Those are a few of the most popular questions we get. Our experts are prepared to answer anything from home building to roof repair, so give us a call today at 605-890-2668 for your free estimate!

Fast Home Builders in Argyle, SD

There are a lot of decisions that come with any project related to your home. That means you have all of the decisions when you’re working with home builders in Argyle, SD. We’ve got a team of designers and builders that will work with you every step of the way. We want you to have the home you’ve always wanted. With our experience, we’ll recommend the best manufacturers and lasting products for your budget.

You can choose to use a pre-made floorplan or go your own way with our designers. For the construction of your home, there are a lot of materials you can choose. Each one has pros and cons, so our experts will help you decide which one is best for you. Here are some of the most common choices:

  1. Concrete
  2. Wood
  3. Ceramics
  4. Different insulation options, like mineral wool, polyurethane, and foam polystyrene

Those are obviously just a few of many, so don’t get overwhelmed by trying to do it yourself. We’ve been working on homes for a long time and we want to help you with your dream house. When you need a new home built, don’t hesitate to call us today at 605-890-2668 and schedule your free estimate!

Quality Home Builders in Argyle, SD

A lot can go into designing your home that you might not realize. Our experts will work with your budget to give you as close to your vision as possible. For the actual look, there are a few major points to consider. Modern technology has brought all sorts of innovations into the world of home builders in Argyle, SD. When you’re looking into a new home, you might want to incorporate smart home technology. 

With the press of a button or a voice command, you can control different parts of your home. Check the locks, turn on lights or speakers, even adjust the thermostat without having to get off the couch. You’ll have access to several different smart options, with more being developed every day, so let us know. Of course, we’ll also help you with the lighting in your home.

Lights are often overlooked for what they can bring to a home, but you can create a comfortable atmosphere or set a mood. We can use lights to highlight a collection or light your stairs. They’re not just for inside your home, either. Outdoor lighting can improve security for your home and let you enjoy the full scale of your property whenever you want. We also know what lights are easier on your electric bill.

The value of your home is always something to keep in mind when you’re designing the floor plan. While you’re just having it built, you may want to sell it someday. When that happens, you’ll want to get the most out of it. Different themes, additions, and trends can increase the potential curb appeal. You don’t have to do everything at once, though. If you decide on a garage addition later on, we can help with that, too!

Swett Construction has a team of home building professionals. We know the safety codes that your new home will have to meet, so you can relax when you hire us. Our team will make product and room recommendations based on your budget and interests. You deserve the home you’ve always wanted, so let us help with your design and home building when you dial 605-890-2668 today and schedule your free estimate!

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Jesse and his crew did a super job replacing the old shingles on my house and garage, upgrading my roof to Class 4 Impact resistant shingles, and installing a roof ridge vent to eliminate the old thru-roof vents. The whole crew was friendly and considerate. Clean-up was fantastic – I only found one roofing nail on the ground after they were done. Five stars for sure!!!

– John R.   Hot Springs, SD

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Jesse was the lowest bid in town and his work was of great quality. He was timely in starting and finishing the project. His attention to detail was excellent. Jessie was also a very personable contractor and his hired man was awesome. They worked hard and finished my project on time.

– Ben Coles